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Individual Coaching Client Feedback:


"I highly recommend Christine as a life coach. She has been invaluable in helping me make progress in both my personal and professional life. I had no idea I would make as much progress as I actually have through this process. It has been truly amazing!" LC



Coaching Group Participants Feedback:


"My self-confidence has improved and I am feeling happier and healthier as a result of this class.  I am more in touch with what is important to me and the things I need to do to reach my goals... FF

"I definitely got more from this coaching group than what I was looking for. I had never attended any sort of group coaching, so I had no expectations of what I was going to get out of it. I was

hoping to grow within my personal self. That I have done and continue to do... AB

Workshop Participants Feedback:


"Christine created a warm and safe environment within which to connect more deeply to myself. She has a wise and playful presence which added a sense of joy and excitement to the process of self-discovery during the workshop. ... MB


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Christine Roslund, MFT, CPC, and public speaker, has been working over 20 years with children, adolescents, and adults. She is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist in the state of California and a Certified Professional Coach. 


Christine supports empty-nest parents who are trying to figure out who they are after their children have grown and launched into their independence. This is often a time of feeling lost, confused and needing to come to terms with yourself in a brand-new way. She values family, and keeps that in mind while she encourages healthy connections as the family evolves into a completely different shape. Part of what she does involves educate people about how to create supportive, healthy and connected adult-adult relationships with their adult children so they can enjoy this time together as a family, in a new way. This is just one part of a successful empty nest.


Life is challenging enough, even without extra stressors such as needing to learn everything the hard way and doing it alone. Christine believes that when you have the appropriate support and feel that someone has your back, it creates an inner strength and a more solid foundation you can build on in the next phase of your life. This is what shapes the difference between struggling and “just getting by”, and thriving.


Christine integrates over two decades of working with young adults, adults and families as a marriage family therapist and certified life coach into her work. She is certified in The Science of Happiness, so she know what brings people the greatest fulfillment. Her focus has been on developing mindfulness, relationship skills, social skills, emotional regulation techniques (to help with managing difficult emotions), resourcing techniques (to help with making you more resilient and stronger). But you'll also learn many practical tools and skills such as time management, action planning, goals setting and much more. She has recently created a virtual retreat that will impart many of these skills and offer a community of other motivated, like-minded people, like yourself, to collaborate with on the journey to creating a life that matters and has meaning for you.


She wants to hear your story and learn more about who you are. This helps her know if she can help you move in the direction you'd like. If not, she'll able to point you toward what you’re looking for. 


This program is not considered psychotherapy. If you are having symptoms outside of the scope of the program, Christine will recommend that you seek outside professional support and/or recommend that you seek additional support conjointly, while you are participating in her program.