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There are two major family life cycle changes going on simultaneously within your family now. The first is young adults transitioning into becoming independent.  The second is empty nesters transitioning into the next phase of their life without as much responsibility around their children. There are developmental tasks that need to be mastered by both groups. When this happens it naturally creates new bonds in your adult-adult relationship together. Mastering these milestones in this stage of your life helps promote healthy, connecting and secure relationships with your partner, friends, and family.


It takes work though to get to this place. When it comes to relationships it’s a different kind of work than just working on yourself and your own personal goals. There are many different skills, tools and ways you can learn how to have more meaningful, fulfilling and bonded relationships with each other. If you are open to learning them they can transform your relationships and life.


Inevitably, most families have conflicts at different stages of life whether it is overtly or covertly. Unresolved conflict interferes with relationships. Many people don't know how to appropriately deal with conflict and instead avoid it. Avoiding unresolved issues deteriorates otherwise good relationships. There is a time to speak up and address issues and there is a time not to. Learning how to navigate these decisions can be the difference between creating an engaging, healthy, open relationship or a shut-down, toxic and distant relationship.


Learning how you can bring your authentic self to your relationships will make them much more gratifying, supportive, fun and nurturing. When you are able to be fully yourself, know what your needs are and learn how to get them met both within and outside of your relationships you will be on your way to forming healthy, fulfilling relationships in your life. It is from this place where families are able to learn how to accept each person for who they are, resolve any unresolved conflicts and develop a more interconnected relationship with each other that makes families feel like they have succeeded.


Even if you come from a family that doesn't want to participate or is unable to for whatever reason just doing the work yourself can shift your relationships within your family. When you learn how to respond differently, gain insight into a deeper understanding of what is really going on and realize that it's most likely not about you this can dramatically shift the way you show up in the relationship. It only takes one person in a family system to change the whole systems. Then, things change within your family system where at least you will be feeling more empowered and in control of that relationship.


To learn more about my family services click here. I love helping families through the life transitions that are inevitable and making their family ties even stronger.



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