• Christine Roslund, MFT, CPC

Launch Your Young Adults to Independence Successfully

There are many ways to support your young adults during their launch to independence that can make actually make or break their experience – for them and you. Whether they’re taking their first plunge into independent living, temporarily living on their own or returning home as they’re trying to get on their feet, these tips will serve both you and them. In my new ebook, “Launching Your Young Adults: A Blueprint to Launch Your Kids into Independence and Reclaim a Fulfilling Life”, I describe the following keys to a successful launch:

1.Know what stage of the Family Life Cycle you’re in to get a handle on where you’re all at. Result: This will help prepare you and them for what’s to come in their life if they choose.

2.Learn what important milestones your adult children are striving towards and need to accomplish to successfully transition to the next stage of their development. Result: A better understanding of why your young adult does what he/she does and how you can support them to reach their goals.

3.Educate yourself about what’s happening in the young-adult world. Result: You’ll be better informed about your children’s daily lived experience, allowing you to provide more empathy and understanding towards their situation.

4.Use authoritative parenting when appropriate; provide a balance of guidance and nurturance that lets them know you have their back. Result: Healthy, thriving young adults who are more securely attached to themselves.

5.Be open to learning how you can best support your young adult so your relationship will truly flourish! Result: A deeper connection and foundation on which to grow your mutual adult-to-adult relationship.

To learn more about these tips, you can download my free ebook here. It’s not easy in today’s fast- changing world for young people to land on their feet. Positive support will help them figure out where they fit into the grand scheme of things and what kind of life they’d like to create for themselves. When you provide your young adults with the support they need, the whole family thrives.

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