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The Family Coaching Programs


Customized Coaching Program (based on you and your family needs)


This is a more specialized program that focuses more on your relationships needs and wants. It can include one or more people and will be tailored to work with willing participants that would like to improve their relationships with each other, whether it be spouses, children, sibling, extended family, etc.


This 3-month program may include: (Based on our initial assessment will determine which of these will apply to you)


  • Assessment of the issues at hand and where you'd like to get in our work together

  • Plan of how to move in that direction

  • Developing new effective communication skills

  • Clearing past withholds that interfere with having the relationship you'd like to have

  • Learning strategies for dealing with difficult feelings, thoughts, interactions that commonly shut people down emotionally

  • Discovering new ways to be in your relationship with each other that is win-win for everyone

  • Practicing new skills of interacting with each other, that feels more connecting, meaningful and fulfilling

  • Knowing what are appropriate boundaries for yourself in your relationship and how to implement them in a caring way

  • Learning how to create a safe place in your relationship together

  • Discovering how to integrate in-laws into your life, grandkids and making it a rich experience

  • Mastering conflict resolution skill so that it keeps your relationship clear, open and healthy

  • Letting go of past negativity and making way for developing new healthy experiences in the present and future

  • Dealing with unexpected situations

  • Learning not to take things personally and seeing each other more true to who you really are

  • And, much more...


This program is ideal for those:


  • Couples wanting to rekindle their relationship and come together in planning the next phase of their lives together

  • Siblings, young adults or their parents with their siblings

  • Parents and adult children, to work out their new adult-adult relationship together or other issues that have surfaced as they have transitioned into this next phase of their family life

  • Extended families issues; dealing with your growing family to include in-laws, grandchildren, etc.

  • Struggling with past family dynamics and want to become free of their ties on your life


Program structure and costs: 


  • Includes initial assessment with customized treatment plan 

  • Family coaching (2 or more members) 4 hours a month

  • Email support (1 per family member per month)

  • Texting support (2 per month per family member)

  • Homework


Cost for the 3 months: $1800.00*


A 5% discount if you purchase the 3 month program in full.

 Other payment options are to pay at the beginning of each month for that month of services.

 A separate link for payment will be sent you for these configurations.

Additional time is available if needed for the following rates:


Texting message $16 (if other than for scheduling or a quick check in requiring 5 minutes or less)


Emailing message $50 (if other than for scheduling or a quick check in requiring 5-10 minutes)


Initial assessment only (2hours) $320


Sessions (1 hour) $160 per


Packages will be tailor made based on the issues you are want to address. After the first assessment, you will be advised the recommended length of time our work will take to reach your goal.