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Need a captivating and powerful speaker for your event? I am available for a variety of different types of speaking engagements, ranging from free local 20-60 minute talks to longer paid half day-weekend long workshops delving deeper into specific issues.


My words inspire, my passion empowers, and my warmth creates a sense of safety and ease! I like to motivate people with intriguing content, using a warm yet direct style of addressing my audience, and enough audience participation that they stay fully engaged through the whole event. They often tend to walk away wanting more and feeling inspired to take action towards something important to them!


Email me for more information. Please include dates, location, topics (you can request a topic as well), type of event,size of audience, etc.


Suggested topics for families:


  • Transitioning into Your Adult-Adult Relationship with Your Grown Child


  • Expanding Your Family Circle to Include In-Laws 


  • Grand-Parenting: How to Optimize this Experience for Everyone


  • Improving Your Sibling Relationships Now that You are Adults


  • Creating Your Family the Way You’d Like It to Be





To reserve your speaking engagement call Christine at 510-520-2811.