Testimonials Continued...

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 Individual Coaching Feedback:


"Christine is an incredible life coach.  She has some of the most knowledgeable advice you can get since she is also a certified therapist and specialized in EMDR.  She tells you what you need to hear without being overbearing and judging, and giving you perspective.  Christine has helped me navigate through my career, health goals, and relationships with friends and boyfriends.  It’s really cool and have someone you can talk to about everything and provide a system that keeps the momentum going."




"Being (and particularly feeling) disorganized has been a major and overwhelming theme in my life. Christine helped me break down the walls around these "I have struggled with ADD and procrastination. behaviors, and develop more healthful and positive habits. Instead of consistently feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and like everything around me is an unmanageable mess, I now feel in control and at ease. I am really (finally) happy with my life. I am better able to prioritize, balance and organize tasks, and finish the things I start."




Speaking Engagement Feedback:

"The Danville Library hosted Christine Roslund for a public presentation of her talk “The Launch & The Empty Nest” onMonday October 12, 2015. The topic is one that applied both to parents and young adults leaving the home to start independent lives. Christine’s presentation style was conversational and interactive, and she made every effort to engage our community members so that she could tailor her knowledge to their particular situations. She addressed not only the problems of “empty nest” parents, but also the unforeseen challenges that young adults may face, in an informative and holistic manner. I was very pleased that Christine brought her presentation to our community."




Coaching Group Participants Feedback:


"My self-confidence has improved and I am feeling happier and healthier as a result of this class.  I am more in touch with what is important to me and the things I need to do to reach my goals. I really liked all the lessons.  Each one was very valuable. It really has been life changing for me.  I was stuck in a relationship that was not moving forward.  The coaching helped me to refocus on myself and what I need to do for me.  It has helped me to be more confident and focused.  I want to continue this wonderful new way of living."




"I definitely got more from this coaching group than what I was looking for. I had never attended any sort of group coaching, so I had no expectations of what I was going to get out of it. I was just hoping to grow more within my personal self. That I have done and continue to do. I’m staying on track for my goals, every time I reach a goal, I’m replacing with a new one because goals are very dynamic. I will definitely do a few new things as well in my life that may not be comfortable to me, but will challenge me personally."




Workshop Participants Feedback:


"Christine created a warm and safe environment within which to connect more deeply to myself. She has a wise and playful presence which added a sense of joy and excitement to the process of self-discovery during the workshop. I loved how she encouraged the process of identifying goals for ourselves by facilitating us in connecting to our core selves through an intuitive rather than "rational" process. Many insights surfaced for me and the process helped me clarify those goals that are truly speaking from my soul.  I highly recommend her workshops!"




"I am so happy that my sister invited me to attend your workshop.  Even though you know what you want in life, while making a vision board, it really put things into perspective.  Digging deep who you are and what you want in different aspects of your life.  Finding the right words and pictures, and aligning them just right to fit your vision, keeps you focused and helps you to strive to believe and go for it!"